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Welcome to Lawton-Bronson Youth Football  

About Lawton-Bronson Youth Football

Lawton-Bronson Youth Football is a tackle football program for kids in 3rd – 6th grade serving the communities of Lawton, IA and Bronson, IA. This program was established in 2006 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Our employer ID # is 11-3762971 and our Tax ID # is 31306.

Equipment Details

Equipment – Please keep clean and treat with Care!!!

Do not alter any of the equipment. (Especially the Helmet) If something does not fit correctly see a coach.

Helmets – Your child will complain that the helmet is too small and hurts their head. (This is normal!!!) If this continues past the first 3 weeks of practice please see a coach.

Do not put any kind of tape on the Helmet.

What’s Expected of the Players

Overview of Duties by Grade:

·         5th Grade – Field Setup & Sideline Cleanup after game.

·         6th Grade –  Sideline Cleanup after game.

·         3rd & 4th – Sideline Cleanup after game

Field Pickup: All yard markers & Goal Post pads need to be neatly put back into the storage shed.

All Garbage needs to be picked Up

All Garbage Cans need to be dumped into the big dumpster and returned to the crow’s nest.

All Parents and Players need to stay until all jobs are complete

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